The Safest Pro-Anorexia Techniques

Being “pro anorexic” is not so much as being ‘for’ the horrible disorder known as anorexia, it’s actually about supporting and helping those who already suffer from the condition. Anorexics go to some really extreme methods to lose weight, let us look at some of the safest pro-anorexia techniques out there.

Not restricting calories too heavily

This is obviously difficult for anorexics because they try to eat as little as possible so that they can continue to lose weight. It is important that you at least try to keep your calories at a decent number so that your body can still function throughout the day. Eating a filling breakfast is something that us particularly useful but it can still be healthy so that you do not feel too guilty about it. Egg whites on wholemeal bread or oats topped with granola are some ideas of foods that can energize you. Eating small amounts but often is really good for anorexics because the portion sizes will be manageable for them. Getting plenty of water is something that a lot of pro-anas do and it is really important in staying hydrated.

Eating nutritious dense foods and taking vitamins

Some pro anas like to eat junk food but in small amounts but this can lead to binging. The best thing to do to avoid losing control and also making sure that your body gets as much goodness as possible, is to eat food with plenty of nutrition. This includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. These foods are super low in calories so you can fit a lot of them, into your “allowed” number of calories. If you are a meat eater, grilled chicken and fish is really good for you and should also be eaten as much as possible.

Have your own list of safe foods

Having a list of “safe” foods and stocking up your cupboards with them, means that you will always have something to eat if you are feeling faint or like you have to eat. Safe foods are different for everyone but they are usually foods that are low in calorie and also give the individual a much needed kick. This could be a low fat yoghurt, sugar free jello or mountains of fruit. Whatever YOUR safe foods are, always make sure they are at your fingertips.

Not fasting

pro anorexia

Some anorexics like to avoid food completely and fast for long periods of time. Whatever way you dress it up, fasting is one of the worse things that you can do and it can slowly see you fading away. If you DO want to fast, I strongly recommend intermittent fasting which gives you a window of a few hours, where you are allowed to eat. This is healthier than fasting completely but you will also see big weight loss results.


It should be mentioned that anorexia is a dangerous disorder, so none of the methods mentioned are actually 100% ‘safe’ but they are definitely better than some other, more extreme things that they do. If you suffer from anorexia, please use some of the safest pro-anorexia techniques rather than the more deadly ones.

Anorexia tips while at school that you should know

Anorexia is an eating disorder that has caused a large number of health problems for people who followed this diet. The secret of this diet is not to become anorexic by starving yourself but it is all about achieving the body that you want. Anorexia tips while at school has helped many girls in losing weight along with eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Thus if you follow this properly, you will be successful in losing excess of your body weight. This diet also promotes the consumption of healthy and balanced diet so that you body is nourished completely along with increasing the metabolism rate of your body so that you can easily burn excess fat of your body.

It is very important for you to consume your breakfast everyday as it is one of the healthiest anorexia tips while at school. According to the studies, people who consume breakfast everyday have the tendency to settle for a better nourishment decisions in the entire day. If you skip breakfast of 100 calories, you tend to get carvings for dessert of 500 calories. Breakfast also helps in increasing the metabolism rate of your body so that you can shed of excess fat from body. When you drink large quantities of water in an unfilled stomach can make feel uncomfortable therefore it is a good idea to drink water in moderate quantity. Abuses of diuretics or laxative are very harmful for your physique and in the long run it can cause embarrassment and incontinence for you. After laxative abuse, the system of discharge of your body will change drastically. Thus you should only use laxatives when you need it just like a normal person. It is very essential for you to rest for at least 17 hours a day because inadequate rest can lower your metabolism rate. It will even make you feel hungry and tend to consume more calories which will make you gain weight.


According to anorexia tips while at school, you should never deny yourself from food as it can lead to binging. When you desire to have chocolate cake, you should consume it regardless of the fact that it can lead to terrible nourishments. But you should eat in small quantity which will delight you and at the same time it won’t demolish your eating regime. When you have dinner in small quantity, it will help in increasing the metabolism rate of your body which helps in burning more calories of your body. With the use of filament you tend to feel full for a longer duration of time. It also helps in keeping your digestive framework intact thereby reducing the requirement of laxatives. If you have large dishes, you tend to consume more food as you consume according to your own perception rather than by your stomach totality. Thus if you eat food in small plates, you will get a feeling of being full. Light denims and horizontal stripes will make you look bigger and thus you should avoid these two kinds of clothing so that you can appear slimmer. Cleansing does not dispose a greater part of the calories and therefore you need to decide how to cleanse after consuming the food that you eat. When you hold you more than one hour to cleanse, then you will have no reason for doing it. Nourishment will also return as you have consumed the required amount of calories.

There are some anorexia tips that help you to maintain your weight and thus you need to consume healthy breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day that determines the metabolic rate of your body and the ability of your body to burn fat. If you skip breakfast, it will lower the metabolism rate of your body. It is also very important to exercise regularly and you can do any form of exercises like dancing, swimming, biking and walking. All these are great exercises that can help you burn more fat of your body. You should also eat a lot of fruits as it provides you with natural sugar that does not pose any harm to your health. It even provides lesser calories along with giving you the needed sugar boost.

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